Bringing Business Functions Together

Connected Work
for Marketing

In a siloed workplace, it’s harder to communicate. There is no visibility into short and long term goals. It’s difficult to maintain collective focus. Budgets are harder to determine by marketers. Connected Work helps your marketing department by aligning your team with company strategies, transparently conveying marketing and ROI costs, building a well-integrated technology stack, and more. Everyone works better when they’re connected.

Marketing Example

Margaret is a CMO

(or VP of Marketing Operations, or Director of Marketing Operations)


  • Strategy: Marketing activities are aligned to company strategies, goals, and priorities to drive measurable value.
  • Finance: Marketing costs and ROI can be communicated with full transparency.
  • Process: Marketing enables disciplined processes for integrated planning, including strategy development, internal alignment, budgeting, activation/creative execution, compliance review, deployment, and measurement.
  • Technology: Marketing leverages best of breed platforms to plan, manage, collaborate, and execute work.
  • Business Intelligence: Marketing ensures technology stack is well-integrated to provide real-time, actionable insights across all areas of marketing.

Common Problems

  • Marketing teams operate in silos and complete all work requested without visibility into the bigger corporate goals or results.
  • Budgets are not easily seen or tracked by marketers.
  • Market conditions make pivoting a budget more difficult.
  • Integrating technology stacks so that manual data entry can be automated.
  • Measuring investments to results.

Solution: Connected Work

Modern marketing organizations need to be ready to pivot to constantly changing market conditions and able to demonstrate results. Those who are creating transparency, building efficient processes, and seamlessly integrating best-in-class technology to support prioritized campaigns, projects, and production work are creating efficiencies and driving more value for their organizations.

Services that support Connected Work

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