Bringing business functions together

Connected Work
for IT

Technology can make life easier, but it can be difficult to explain how exactly it can do that to those outside of the IT department. By providing technical solutions and the reason for their integration, Connected Work makes it easier for your team to understand new technologies in the present, so that you can focus on improving from past iterations, maintaining your current setup, and looking ahead to see what new advancements are coming.

IT Example

Isabelle is a CTO

(or CIT, or Director of IT Operations)


  • Maximize productivity and efficiency by providing technical solutions that enable staff to do their best work.
  • Contribute to enterprise ROI by delivering technical solutions that enable a seamless business and customer journey.
  • Maintain a current technology ecosystem and roadmap to maximize #1 and #2 and minimize technical debt/obsolesce.

Common Problems

  • Difficulty translating the justification and value of technology decisions and investments to non-IT people.
  • Balancing the right investment mix that “keeps the lights on,” enables growth for existing investments, and explores innovation for future investment.

Solution: Connected Work

By connecting the enterprise platforms for IT, a CIO is able to engage stakeholders with data and insights that communicate investment and prioritization decisions in terms of business-impact tradeoffs (e.g. reduced help desk staff means additional customer service wait times). With stakeholders fully engaged, the CIO can successfully deliver a portfolio that aligns with enterprise expectations.

Services that support Connected Work

Our services can get your teams on the same page, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

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