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Workfront empowers teams to do their best work. When integrated with Egnyte, teams can deliver that work even faster. With project and file collaboration available right in the native Workfront interface, the Egnyte connector enables secure, real-time synchronization so that your software solutions produce better results .

Experience Real-Time Collaboration

Workfront is the online project management software that allows you to manage all the work you do in one place. With Workfront, teams receive requests in a standardized format and managers can easily prioritize incoming projects, assign them  to the right team member, and get real time updates on progress—all without ever leaving Workfront’s customizable project management solution.

Egnyte’s integration with Workfront allows users to dynamically link Egnyte documents directly to Workfront projects.  Workfront allows entire folders to be shared — not just individual files — and syncs any changes made to those files from to Egnyte, and vice versa.



One Location, One Solution

Stop wasting time and resources inefficiently managing documents and digital assets created in silos.  Leverage the Egnyte + Workfront connector for end-to-end lifecycle management and replace dozens of tools for a single solution that offers the following:

  • Organize & Visualize– Documents can be organized and accessed by project. Each team member can view documents and digital assets the way they want.
  • Collaborate & Share – Collaborate and share work with your team, external stakeholders and/or third-party contributors. Keep all discussions, questions, comments and versions in the context of the document throughout its lifecycle.
  • Approve & Distribute – Easily set up, trigger, and track approval processes. Approvers have a single place to access all approvals with contextual access to the document collaboration stream, previous versions, and work details to make quick, informed decisions.


Integration is Simple

Configure the connector in 3 simple steps:

  1. Procure a Connector license from LeapPoint
  2. Add the Connector to Workfront (admin access required)
  3. Start using the integration


Once enabled, you can seamlessly synchronize files across your Workfront and Egnyte systems to keep all team members on the same page.


Get Started

In order to leverage the Workfront + Egnyte connector, users must purchase an annual license (only one required per Workfront or Egnyte instance). Please visit our page to learn more about Workfront licensing.

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