Strategy & Finance

Purpose drives every business. With a clear strategy and a precise budget, your purpose turns into a daily pursuit for everyone in your organization. Team collaboration across functions and levels becomes second nature. Boxes get checked. Deadlines are met. Leadership can see where improvements are needed. Goals can be considered beyond immediate objectives. And when the plan changes–because that’s just what plans do–you have the foresight to shift directions. When a purpose is shared, it quickly becomes an accomplishment. We can help define not only what drives you, but how you bring a team together to share your vision.


  • Strategy development

    Looking to validate or change course on your corporate or business strategy? Let’s define your objectives, set milestones, and determine your vision for success.
  • Budget formulation

    For your strategy to work, you need the ability to manage and pivot your investments in real-time. We can help evaluate, prepare, and manage your budget so that every dollar is moving you toward your goal.
  • Strategy and tactic alignment

    The work performed within your organization needs to be aligned from top to bottom. Clear communication and visibility builds greater cohesion, and allows your purpose to be pursued by all.
  • Roadmap Development

    Where do you go from here? We look at where you are and determine the optimal route to get you where you want to be.


Knowing why you exist is just as important as how you get work done. LeapPoint’s strategists help you define your purpose and plot the course forward. We start with strategy so all members of your organization can unify behind a clear plan.


Create your roadmap for success.